The Lighthouse

3 months / 90 days



We understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and if you require additional time to fully address your addiction and establish sustainable habits for long-term recovery, we offer The Lighthouse package to accommodate your needs.

  • Access to medical and therapeutic help.
  • A comfortable, luxurious, home-like environment.
  • A safe place away from addiction.

Our addiction recovery package is uniquely designed to provide organised, residential care that is tailored to fit your work and personal commitments, while still adhering to a structured and intensive treatment plan. 


This package does not include medical detoxification, but typically offer a range of services for the 90 days to support your recovery efforts:

  • Complimentary airport pick up/ drop off.
  • One on one therapy.
  • Group therapy.
  • Relapse prevention.
  • Introduction to the 12 step programme.
  • Introduction to AA/NA rooms.
  • Personal trainer.
  • Personalised dietary requirements.

If you would like to add the Residential Medical Detox, please contact us so we can add it to your weekly, monthly or 90 day Residential Recovery stay for an additional $14,995.