Our Wellbeing Activities

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Staying active means different things to different people. Activities you could choose to participate in at The Lighthouse Recovery might include yoga, breathwork, kayaking, and daily walks in our beautiful natural surroundings – or you may want to join us for an outing to the offsite gymnasium or to visit local attractions.

Alongside our luxury accommodation and excellent facilities, we encourage you to rediscover activities that build well-being. A residential stay is an opportunity to start embedding healthier daily routines, and we are here to facilitate this for you by providing access to treatments, therapies and activities that feel right for you.

You may opt to join a Yin Yoga class or get out to the onsite pool or spa daily to exercise, refresh and rejuvenate.

If there is a specific activity you want to be included in your stay, make a request, and if possible, we will get this organised for you.

Our Activity Based Facilities

Swimming Pool

Use the swimming pool to get active, to float and reflect or as a way to freshen up.

Spa Pool

Spend time in the heated spa to ease body, mind and spirit.

Beach Access

Walk the shore or get in the ocean to experience a feeling of rejuvenation.

Group Therapy

Join a therapy session to connect with people facing similar challenges.

Personal Trainer

Approach new ways of being with a plan that will help you achieve your goals.


Learn or practice Yin Yoga with a qualified teacher.

Residential Medical Detox

We provide a safe, medically supervised environment for detoxification.

Residential Drug Recovery

Choose a 30-day or 90-day rehabilitation programme and move forward safely.

Residential Alcohol Recovery

Stay with us for 90 days or 30 days and form healthier habits

Eating Disorder Treatment

Move safely towards an easier relationship with food.

Residential Methamphetamine Treatment

Detoxify safely in a medically supervised environment.

After-Care Programme

Maintain connections and access aftercare services.

Move Forward Today

Get in touch today to discuss how we use healthy activities as a way to build well-being and provide rejuvenation and ease.