Luxury Short Term Rehab Programmes

Book a medically supported detox in elegant surroundings.

If you suspect that you or a loved one may have developed an unhealthy dependency, selecting an excellent detox and therapy program is a crucial first step in the journey to optimal well-being.

At The Lighthouse Recovery, we provide this short term rehab option for you as a first step towards wellness. This option is well-suited to those who can’t take a long break from family or work commitments or as a segue into a longer residential programme.

Short term rehab includes secure, supportive round-the-clock care, and it combines supervised detox with physical and psychological therapy and other services to support you towards recovery.

Our detoxification process is suitable for substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, GBL, marijuana, opiates, and alcohol.

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1 Week Duration


  • Complimentary airport pick up/ drop off

  • Luxury accommodation with spa, pool, movie theatre and beach access

  • A secure and supportive environment with 24-hour care 

  • Safe medically assisted detoxification

  • Management of uncomfortable symptoms

  • Complementary therapies

  • Access a room upgrade for extra comfort

With this programme, you have the option to extend into a monthly or 90-day residential recovery stay. 

Medically Supervised Detox

If you feel you have become physically dependent on unhealthy substances, it can be dangerous to attempt an unsupervised detoxification process.

At The Lighthouse Recovery, we assist you in clearing the body of toxins in a comfortable environment.

During this process, a qualified treatment professional will provide support and guidance to help you manage any potentially uncomfortable or harmful withdrawal symptoms with a variety of soothing approaches.

Using Medication During Detox

We understand that every person has different requirements, and our medical team will thoroughly assess your needs and prescribe the best course of treatment to help you through the detoxification process.

In some cases, medication may be utilised to manage or alleviate detoxification symptoms – if this is deemed an appropriate course of action to ensure optimal safety and comfort.

Short term rehab is an excellent way to kickstart your wellness programme, but it is best supplemented by a longer stay for much-needed rest and rejuvenation.

About Us

At The Lighthouse Recovery, our short term rehab combines luxury facilities with expert medical supervision to assist you in getting some physical space from harmful impulses and environments. 


You will have access to qualified therapists and body care professionals, and we provide personal trainers, wholesome meals and a full clinical staff. Alongside beach access, a spa, a pool, and a gym, we offer discretion, comfort and support as you begin the process of change. 

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Privacy & Confidentiality

We take our commitment to protecting your confidentiality seriously. Our qualified team understands that your privacy is a crucial element as you transition towards wellness.

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