At The Lighthouse Recovery, our primary criterion for eligibility is a desire to move forward with your life in ways that forefront wellness.

If you are ready to start the work required to get past addiction, we are here to help you get started.

We can help if drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, GBL, marijuana, opiates, alcohol or eating disorders have become an unmanageable part of your life.

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A Unique Approach

We see each client as an individual, so once you have committed to an admissions process, we will customise our care to meet your unique requirements.

We ask that each person fill out the relevant parts of our pre-admission form so we can understand where you are currently at in terms of your intake and your requirements to move forward.

Once we can see where you are, we can recommend the combination of therapies that we feel will best meet your needs.


Our admissions process begins with a phone consultation; then, you pay a deposit towards a luxury residential stay. You can then pay the balance required on or before your decided date.

What type of admission should you choose?

We offer a short-term residential medically supervised detox for those experiencing physical and psychological symptoms of addiction. As a rule, we recommend you segue this option into a 30 or 60-day residential programme.

By combining supervised medical detoxification with a longer-term residential offering, you gain clarity, begin to build healthy habits and can access insights into the choices that brought you here

Privacy & Confidentiality

Our discrete and professional team understands that your privacy is crucial as you transition towards wellness, and we take our commitment to protecting your privacy seriously.

After-Care Programme

After your stay, you will be able to access ongoing connection and rehabilitation support. All ex-residential patients are free to attend our group sessions to keep the momentum towards long-term wellness.

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