Alcohol Eligibility

If your relationship with alcohol is producing results that you are no longer comfortable with, we can assist you in identifying ways that you can change.

Some of the things we need to know about your drinking are listed below; please click here for our full pre-admissions form.

Almost everyone who comes to us for help is admitted when we have the space, so it’s likely that you are eligible if you made it here.

Exploring your current use of alcohol.

Rehab can be a crucial step towards recovery from alcohol abuse. At The Lighthouse Recovery, we offer a one-week safe, medically assisted detox, and we can connect you with behavioural and talking therapies, physical exercises, techniques and tools that will equip you to reset your view of the future.

We work with you to individualise the treatments that will work best for you in a luxurious residential environment. Once you have committed to an admissions process, we will customise our care to meet your unique requirements.

Some Questions About Your Drinking

Please visit our pre-admissions form for a comprehensive look at how we assess your relationship with alcohol.

Here is a sample of our questions: