Eating Disorder Eligibility

Your time with us is designed to give you the space to take a break from everyday pressures in elegant surroundings. We nurture each client with a customised treatment plan designed to help you reassess and rebuild your relationship with eating.

Private & Confidential

We offer discreet service, and your confidentiality will always be respected. At The Lighthouse Recovery, we take our commitment to protecting your privacy seriously.

Some of the things we need to know about the way your eating disorder manifests in your daily life are listed below, and most individuals who approach us for help are admitted if we have availability, so you are likely eligible for care.

Your Journey

Rehab can be a significant turning point for those living with disordered ideas about eating. At The Lighthouse Recovery, we offer a 30 or 60-day residential stay so that you have time to build new habits.

When you commit to a more extended residential stay, we connect you with helpful techniques and tools, as well as behavioural and talking therapies, that can assist you in progressing towards well-being.

Sample Questions About Your Eating Disorder

Please visit our pre-admissions form for a comprehensive look at how we assess your relationship with food.

Here is a sample of our questions: