Steps to Recovery

If drugs like GBL, cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, opiates – or eating disorders – are holding you in an unhealthy pattern, we can assist you in identifying the best steps to recovery for you.

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Our Steps to Recovery

Congratulations on finding your way here; you likely need to get some help to move past addictive behaviours that are interrupting your ability to live a fulfilling life.

Rehab is a significant step towards recovery. Once you are here, we can connect you with behavioural and talking therapies, physical exercises, mindfulness practices and, techniques and tools that will equip you to set off down the road to recovery.

Each individual will have different requirements, and we work with you to customise the steps to recovery most suited to you. All our clients enjoy a luxurious residential environment and have access to activities and amenities conducive to recovery.

The first step to recovery is a phone consultation with one of our professional team. You then need to fill out a pre-admission form, which allows us to see which combination of therapies may suit you best.

Once you have committed to an admissions process with a deposit, we will customise our care to meet your unique requirements.

We assess your current position, explore your goals and then recommend the combination of therapies most likely to help you get on track and maintain progress.