Our Facilities

Holistically supported recovery in a luxury environment

If you need a break from the stress of everyday life to focus on the future, or if unhealthy habits have taken control of your life, we can help.

At The Lighthouse Recovery, our rehabilitation treatment residents have access to excellent facilities, including personal trainers, wholesome meals and an off-site gymnasium.

We also take care of your needs on a case-by-case basis with Yin Yoga and other mind and body care services to allow you to relax and start creating positive moments. If there is a particular treatment, service or experience you want to be included in your stay, please ask, and if possible, we will organise this for you.

We are focused on providing guidance, comfort and support as you begin the process of change, and our offering includes beach access and a pool and spa facility.

If you need a break from every day to focus on the future, you have come to the right place.

Beach Access

Spend time near the ocean and feel the fresh air and salt breeze gently work its magic. Swim in the ocean and experience an instant feeling of relief.

Spa Pool

Relax tired and aching muscles in our soothing spa. Take a moment for yourself and deal with muscular discomfort in a luxurious environment.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is available as a place to exercise, to freshen up as your treatment progresses, or as a place you can go to reflect and relax.

Personal Trainer

Access sessions with a personal trainer to understand what exercise approach suits you best according to your fitness level and goals.


Work with a Yoga teacher to learn mindfulness and work out in gentle ways that promote wellbeing and ease.

Building Healthy Habits

The Lighthouse Recovery residential programmes provide you with the facilities, space and time you need to pause and reset. We are here to take care of you while you begin to gain the clarity you need to start making healthier choices.

To help you achieve recovery, we utilise the 12-step philosophy, group activities, therapeutic sessions, and well-being treatments, including yoga – according to your needs and preferences.

Our comprehensive treatment program is medically supervised for your safety and comfort, and detoxification is managed by our experienced GP, Registered Nurse and a team of qualified clinicians.

About Us

Luxury & Privacy

Individuals are offered a customised treatment plan; we have luxury add-ons available, and we will always attempt to cater to specific requests in terms of treatments and services that you would like included in your residential stay.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Confidentiality is paramount as you move through the process of transitioning toward wellness, and at The Lighthouse Recovery, we take our commitment to protecting your privacy seriously.

Your time with us is specifically designed to give you the space to rest and relax in elegant surroundings as you look forward to a more manageable future.

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Get in touch today to discuss how we can meet your needs with access to facilities and treatments that are designed to provide rejuvenation and ease.