Swimming Pool and Spa Pool

Indulge in a hot soak or swim for wellbeing

At The Lighthouse Recovery, our luxury facilities include a swimming pool and a spa pool.

Each facility has health benefits to help you adjust to new ways of being over the course of your residential stay with us, and we encourage you to connect with activities that will help you recover and build resilience.

You may opt to use the onsite pool or spa daily to exercise, refresh and rejuvenate or speak to our personal trainer about working out a programme that incorporates these facilities.

If there is a specific activity you want to be included in your stay, make a request, and if possible, we will get this organised for you.

Other Facilities

Yoga Classes

Learn or practice Yin Yoga with a qualified teacher

Beach Access

Walk the shore or get in the ocean to experience a feeling of rejuvenation.

Our Programmes

Residential Medical Detox

Detoxify under medical supervision in a luxury environment.

Residential Drug Recovery

Connect with wellness by choosing a 30 or 90-day residential stay.

Residential Alcohol Recovery

Give healthy new habits a chance to form over 30 or 90 days.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Learn different ways to relate to disordered eating.

Residential Methamphetamine Treatment

Get support as you move past this challenging obstacle.

After-Care Programme

Stay connected to helpful services after your stay is completed.

Get in Touch

Contact us now to get help for yourself or a loved one.